In 1958, an engineering report for the CT 2 Expressway recommended that a new interchange be constructed for a "relocated Route 83" at the curve between EXIT 9 (Neipsic Road) and EXIT 10 (existing CT 83 / Manchester Road) in East Glastonbury. However, the report did not specify whether or not the "relocated Route 83" would be constructed as an expressway.

During the late 1960's, regional planning agencies proposed a 33-mile-long, north-south expressway parallel to existing CT 83 from the CT 2 Expressway in East Glastonbury north to the Connecticut-Massachusetts border in Somers. The proposed CT 83 Expressway, which was to intersect I-384 in Manchester and I-84 in Vernon, was to provide a high-speed route for Hartford's eastern suburbs. It may have been proposed to extend north into the Springfield, Massachusetts area.

No specific route had been mapped for the CT 83 Expressway, which was not on long-range statewide expressway plans developed by the Connecticut Highway Department and the Tri-State Transportation Commission.

SOURCE: Scott Oglesby.

  • CT 83 shield by Barry L. Camp.


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