ORIGINAL EXPRESSWAY PLANS: The CT 4 Expressway proposal first appeared in 1962 as part of the Tri-State Transportation Commission report Regional Highways: Status Report. As originally planned, the CT 4 Expressway was to connect I-84 (at EXIT 39) with the proposed CT 10 Expressway in Farmington. The 4.0-mile-long, four-lane expressway was scheduled for completion by 1972.

In the late 1960's, the Connecticut Highway Department advanced the CT 4 Expressway as part of its CT 10 Expressway proposal. The proposed CT 4 Expressway, which was to be constructed on a new right-of-way, was estimated to cost $6 million. An initial section, a one-mile connector between existing CT 4 (Farmington Avenue) and I-84 in Farmington, opened in 1969.

The 1.8-mile-long, four-lane Farmington connector (unsigned CT 508) is all that remains of the CT 4 Expressway. The rest of the expressway was canceled in the mid-1970's.

THE NORTHERN BYPASS: To alleviate congestion through downtown Farmington, where CT 4 intersects CT 10, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) recently proposed a 4.5-mile-long, four-lane divided "Northern Bypass" of Farmington. The $118 million rerouting of CT 4, which was to be constructed on a new right-of-way, would have connected the I-84 ramps in Farmington to the intersection of CT 4 and CT 167 in Unionville. This proposal, which would have required the demolition of 12 homes in Farmington, was rejected in January 1998.

More recent suggestions to ease congestion in this area include reconfiguring I-84 to provide three through lanes between EXIT 38 (US 6) and EXIT 39A (CT 9 Expressway), providing additional access from I-84 eastbound to US 6 at EXIT 38, and widening US 6 between I-84 and CT 10.

SOURCES: Regional Highways: Status Report, Tri-State Transportation Commission (1962); Connecticut Highway Needs, Connecticut Highway Department (1967); Planning for the Future, Connecticut Highway Department (1968); "Routes 4 and 10, Farmington," Connecticut Highway Department (1968); Scott Oglesby.

  • CT 4 shield by Barry L. Camp.


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